The labels we know and love

boots-181744_1280We live in a world where being different is being encouraged, but at the same time, we fear it.

Everyone that is different we give a label so we can know how they differ. We have the Muslims, the homosexuals, the nerds and much more. People have these labels because society knows these labels. The label says what the person has to like and what this person should think, but do these labels tell you what they really like and what they really think? Not all Christians are against gay marriage, not all blonds are stupid.

Why do we keep giving people these labels if they don’t even represent? Why do we keep giving in in stereotypes? Because we are lazy, we are too lazy to learn what it means to be different. We live in our own little bubble and everything outside of this bubble is not important. So we give these labels so we don’t have to educate ourselves, so we can just say that we already know “what” they are. Knowing is more than labelling. Knowing is seeing further than what they believe, who they love and how they look. When you truly know someone you see that they are so much more than just a few labels.


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