In Love With a Cry Baby

Okay, not really in love with a cry baby. But with Cry Baby, an album by Melanie Martinez. An amazing artist, songwriter and performer. I’ve known (of) her for a while now, but every time I listen to her album I just get the chills. And it isn’t just because I like the music, the lyrics are just as amazing.

But, lets start from the beginning, and say something about this album. Cry baby is an  album by Melanie Martinez, with 13 songs, about which I’ll get into more detail later on. But the most amazing part of the album is the story. Every song is a part of a bigger story, which you can read about below (Text taken from the site:

This album is about Cry Baby, a fantasy version of Melanie Martinez when she was a child, and a representation of her vulnerable and messed up side. Melanie claims that many of the things that have happened to Cry Baby are similar to the things that have happened in her own life, except the part where cry baby gets kidnapped and where CryBaby kills somebody. Each song on the tracklist is titled something childhood related, while the actual message being crossed to the listener carries a more adult theme and problems. The story book available in the preorder bundle features rhymes and illustrations based on the album, written by Melanie herself.

Amazing right? But’s talk about all of the songs individually.
1. Cry Baby: The first song on this album and the beginning of Cry baby’s story. Just like every song on this album most of the music is made with things (or sound-effects) that can be found in a child’s room. And the combination of both the childlike sounds and the harsh but beautiful lyrics is something I absolutely adore!
2. Dollhouse: This song has always been one of my personal favourites and it was also one of the first songs to come out. The lyrics are about a not so perfect family trying so hard to look perfect to the outside world. Something a lot of people can relate to right?
3. Sippy cup“Kids are still depressed when u dress them up and syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup”. Even when you try to hide the ‘wrong’ things in your life, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there anymore.  A message both horrible and true. Because everyone has something they want to hide in their life and a lesson most people learn is that nothing stays hidden. And even if it does, hiding things from yourself is never a good option.
4. Carousel: If I’m being completely honest, this is one of my least favourite songs on the album. I still think it’s amazingly written but it didn’t get to me as much as the rest of the songs did. It’s more of an love song, and while I normally like those, this one just didn’t fully reach me.
5. Alphabet Boy: LOVE IT! This is my favourite (or at least one of my favourite) song on the album. The special thing about it is that the verses are written in rhyme and using one (first) letter mostly for the words. She does this by the order of the the alpahbet. Just look at this verse:
Apples aren’t always appropriate apologies (The letter A)
Butterscotch and bubblegum drops are bittersweet to me (The letter B)
You call me a child while you keep counting all your coins (The letter C)
But you’re not my daddy and I’m not your dolly. And your dictionary’s destroyed (The letter D)
I just cannot understand how somebody could do this, It’s seems so hard!
The meaning of the song also really interested me. It’s pretty much about a girl saying to a know-it-all boy that he isn’t always the better one, and that she can do things as well. I really like how she’s standing up for herself. She’s “not a little kid now”.
6. Soap: Another amazing song, this one about washing out your mouth out with soap, saying things you shouldn’t say. Something that (in my experience) happens to a lot of people. The sounds of bubbles in the background make the whole concept complete and I just think this song comes together really well.
7. Training Wheels: The lyrics in this song tell us a story of 2 people, where one of them has to take of his ‘training wheels’. This refers to people taking the next step in an relationship. For me this comes back in the lyric: fully undressed, no training wheels left for you.. Like all the songs, this one uses noises mosly related to childhood which really helps  convey the message.
8. Pity Party: This is one of the more up-tempo songs of this album and I really like the beat they used. Cry baby trows a party but nobody shows up and she’s starts going a little crazy. This is a major turning point for Cry Baby, because she starts to accept her own insanity. :  
9. Tag, your it: While this title may sound really childisch, the song is anything but. It’s about Cry Baby being really vunerable and alone and being abducted. It’s one of the darkest songs on the album and (maybe) for some people  a little much. But I can’t help but love how Melanie isn’t afraid to talk about dark topics like this.
10. Milk and Cookies: This song is (while maybe the darkest song,) one of my favourites. Cry Baby poisons the person who abducted her by giving him milk and cookies. It’s an important part for Cry Baby’s story because she starts to accept her insanity, like she did in Pity Party.
11. Pacify Her: In Pacify Her Cry Baby tells a boy to give up his relationship with his current lover because he loves her more. She doesn’t completely love him, but still wants to get him to break up with his current girlfriend. Personally I really like the lyric:
Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours. But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?”  It’s terribly crude, but thats one thing I love about Melanie. Her brutal honesty.
12. Mrs Potato Head: Lyrically one of my favourite songs. This song explores the subject of people having to look perfect. Something that a lot of people struggle with. You have to fit certain standards, cause otherwise you’re not pretty and you should change things about yourself. This song really touched me on an emotional level because a lot of people struggle with issues about beauty and she describes that struggle perfectly.
13. Mad Hatter: Last, but certainly not least. In the last song of this album Cry Baby completely accepts her insanity. She is crazy, she acts crazy and she accepts her crazyness.

And that’s the whole album. As you can see, every song has ist’s own little backstory and that’s one of the reasons why I like this album so much. While all of the songs together form a story, they can be viewed seperatly as well.

Almost everybody can find a song that they can relate to on this album, and for me personally that’s one of the greatest accomplishments an artist can achieve. To have an impact on the lives of others, for people to listen to their songs and have those songs help them in their personal lives.


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