The master key for privacy

keyboard-621830_1920what do you feel is more important, safety or privacy? Safety sounds important, but I think there should be a line. The police can legally break into your home and search for information. We all accept this if it is for public safety, why? Because we trust our government of only doing this when it is for public safety.

Now try to pretend every house has a lock where that nobody could break, not even the police. Of course, this is a problem for the police because they want to be able to do this. So they ask for a master key to be made. The only problem with this key is that a burglar can recreate it and use it for himself.

This is what happening in the tech world. The FBI has an iPhone from a terrorist, but they need the code to access it. Without this code the phone is useless. So they thought of a solution, they asked Apple for a piece of software that they could use to get into the phone. Apple declined and this started a conversation. Should there be such piece of software?

Your phone knows a lot of stuff about you. It records all the conversation you have, everywhere you go and what you search for on the internet. The government being able to access my phone makes me scared. Not that I am a criminal and all my evil ideas are on my phone, but more of where are they going to draw the line? If I am a suspect, will they be allowed to access my phone?

These are not the only things you should worry about. Such piece of software can be reacted by criminals or government from the different side of the planet. Even if your government are going to use it only for good, there will be another one that won’t. They can look where you are, to who you are talking to and what you are saying. You can not make a master key that can only to be used for the good guys.


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