The New “Real” is Fake

Have you ever scrolled trough your Instagram and seen that one perfect picture. Somebody with the perfect body, a cute face and hair that could be seen in a shampoo commercial. And ofcourse there you have the caption;  ‘no make-up monday‘ or ‘just got out of bed‘. And while you’re looking at that perfect picture you start thinking to yourself, how does she do it and why can’t I look like that.

But are all of those things really true? Lets be honest, the no make- up mondays are often preceded by tons of make-up, making it look like you’re au-natural, while that really isn’t the case. And the ‘just got out of beds’ are not spontaneously taken without people washing their face of brushing their hair. No, every picture takes an hour. They want perfect lighting, a bed-head that looks real, but still very cute and the perfect look in their eyes. And in my eyes, that makes it fake.

Ofcourse there are people who really take pictures like that, the ‘no make-up’ is really no make-up and the picture was taken when they just woke up. But personally I think that’s the minority. People just can’t afford to look less than perfect in this world. Social media is used to portray the perfect aspects of our lives, and if we don’t have those, we just pretend we do. We try so hard to make up the perfect image, we kind of forget what’s important. The things we really do in our life, not the fake online kind, but the experiences we really go trough. Like having a night out with your friends, that silly moment you just can’t stop laughing about the when you’ve really achieved something, like getting into your favourite college or finally graduating.

We forget those aspects of our lives, and lose ourselves in the online and perfect world. How can you have fun on night out when the only thing you worry about is making that one cute picture for Instragram. And why, so complete strangers can think your perfect?


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