He could see me



My jacked dark as night was dancing in the wind,
the rain was pouring on my hat.
I know where I had to go,
there is always somewhere I have to go.

I passed a man with his briefcase tightly in his hand,
he couldn’t see me because he had no time to see me,
I passed an old woman with an umbrella above her head,
she couldn’t see me because she doesn’t want to see me.
and I passed a boy playing in a puddle of water,
he couldn’t see me because he has no reason to see me.

I saw the house where I needed to be.
There was still light peeking through the curtains,
nobody did yet know, nobody did yet see.
I walked trough the door up the stairs,
there I met the man in needed to meet.
An old man sitting in a chair surrounded by pictures of the past,
he could see me because he did know I was coming.
I greeted him like my friend and seated myself next to him.
He was not scared of me for he knew that I was inevitable.
“I hope I will be a good read.” the man said while taking his last sip of tea,
I looked at the pictures and I nodded.
The old man smiled and knew it was his time,
he closed his eyes and took his last breath.

I rose from the chair and walked to him.
I took the book laying next to him on the coffee table and left the room while is wife walked in.
I didn’t see how she did react for I can never bear to see the reaction of what I do.
I left the house and walked again trough the pouring rain.

I had somewhere to go,
there is always somewhere I have to go.


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