How to use your super power


I have to admit something, I am a geek. Not only for the reason that I am into star wars but also that I read comics. I love Reading comics, I love reading about how Captain America fights red skull, I love how Spiderman swing trough the city blocks of New York and I love most how they can always save the day.

Wouldn’t you love to have a super power, being able to fly trough the sky, being able to lift a car with ease? Just anything I would be happy with, but then again “With great power comes great responsibility”. Would I be up for that, would I be able to handle so much responsibility. That made me think, what responsibility? To do right and use my super power for good? To not hurt the innocent? Well yes, but is that not always the case? Is that not always our responsibility as human beings.

You may think “Well this in meant for superheroes, not the ordinary like me”, But are we ordinary? We can make someone’s day with just one sentence, we can comfort the sad with not more than just a hug. Isn’t that a super power? Maybe we will not save entire cities from exploding or help the earth not to be conquered by aliens, but we can be super in our own lives.

We can help the ones that surround us. We have a responsibility to use our superpower for good. So I call for every superhuman on this little green and blue sphere to use his or her superpower for good. It doesn’t have to be as big as moving to Africa and start building a school, but even the small things would be super. Say how great someone looks today or ask a friend how it goes if you know they been trough a rough time, just anything that makes someone happy. We all have super powers and it would be a shame if we wouldn’t use them.


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