Hello, my name is

A name. It’s such a simple thing, but sometimes it can have a deeper meaning…
While some may assume their names our nothing special, something they’ve had all their life, they can still say so much about a person.
Everybody relates certain names with certain kinds of people. If they’ve met one or two Elizabeth’s in their life they  really like, they will accociate that name with good things. And the same counts for bad expierences. Somebody will form an idea in their head about who you are without even meeting you.

Names also tell you something about your history. Maybe you were named after a relative or a friend of your parents? Why did your parents give you the name you have now, what did that name mean to them. Because in most cases, it must have meant something. Your name can teach you so much about yourself and the people who named you. Maybe your name has a special meaning, or they named you after your hero. Just image, not knowing much about your parents, for whatever reason. And discovering so much just because of one word. And that’s just your first name.
A last name it’s own history. Somebody once thought of that name, for whatever reason and now u and thousands of others has had it. Maybe one of your ancestors did something special? Had an major impact on another. You can take all of that with you, just because you have That name.

Nicknames are another thing. They say something about what other people think of you. There are obvious ones, like honey, darling or love but sometimes they can have a deeper meaning. Like if you have a nickname about something you really like, or because of what another person thinks of you. And I’m not saying that all of those things will be good, because some people are mean, and that means that there will be mean nicknames as well, but I do think you can still learn from those nicknames.

So if you really start to think about it, you will discover that your simple, taken for granted name, is much more important than you really thought. Ask your parents why they named you this specific  name, think of why your friends gave you that one nickname, and learn something new about yourself.


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