the risk of live


Change is something we fear, but so desperately need. This year has been the year of change for me, I started at college, lost good friends, got new friends, ended a long time relationship and started to be openly bisexual. Although changes are inevitable they scare me.

I have a love-hate relationship with change. I love it because it excites me, without it, my life would be dull. Change is what makes sure that today is different from yesterday and this year different from last year. A static world without change would be boring and that would be depressing, but how can I like it and still fear it?

Live is a series of events good ones and bad ones. We can bear the bad ones because we know that there are going to be good ones, but if there is change we can’t be sure that there are going to be good ones. With changes in our life with put our happiness in danger. That is why change is hard for people, even if the situation they’re in is bad.

We have to put our happiness in danger so we can gain happiness. Live is risky if we don’t take risks we can’t live a happy life.


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