How could they?

Tick, tock,tick, tock… The clock was finally the only sound in the room, the kids from next door were done playing. I stared out of my window down onto the fields of green below, were they were having fun just a few minutes ago. Fun, that was foreign concept to me right now. I just couldn’t understand how everybody did it.
How they enjoyed their regular lives, followed their regular routine, when something that awful happened? How could they not care?

Well ofcourse they didn’t. They still had everything. They got up in the morning without worrying what would happen to them, to their parents. They only worried about getting to work in time or hiding all of their secret conversations from their wives. Didn’t they realise how lucky they were. Everytime I got up, I was worried that something had happened, that I would open the newspaper to the words “Attack in…”

I closed my eyes. Stop thinking about it. The social worker said I had to focus on something else, to get my mind of of it. I looked down on the little gameconsole she gave me. “To help u relax” she said, but how can I. They were gone now, I had nothing.

Going outside wasn’t an option either, everytime I stepped out of my room I was greeted by those looks. They all had that look, even if they tried to hide it. Because there she goes, the girl who had lost everything, that poor child, I hated it. Sure, they meant well, but let’s be honest, nobody wants to be pitied. They think I’ve lost my innocence now, that I have to grow up before my time. Don’t they realise it’s much too late? Eventhough I may be a young in age, I haven’t been a child for a long time.



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