the little moments that make me


Not that long ago I needed to cycle back from a party, it was dark outside and I was listening to music. Suddenly I had this urge just spread my arms wide and I did. I felt free, I didn’t care that anybody could see me I didn’t care what they would think of me. There I was cycling with my arms wide open looking like a madman, but I was happy I felt amazing.

These small moments make me so happy. Without these moments I am would be so depressed because at these moments I can forget the things that I stress about that I worry about and I can live in the moment. I can live in that moment, a moment of happiness and freedom.

I live for these small moments because it is not every day that something big is going to happen but every day there are some small moments that make me happy. Like walking bare feet in the grass or laying in the sun.

Maybe it is crazy that I value these moments, but I think that these moments makes me who I am. We are what we love because the things we love are an example for us to live.

So I hope that everyone can value these moments like I do Because it is the little things that make us human.


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