The night sky

centaurus-a-11190Whenever it is night and I look at a clear night sky I am amazed by all the stars I see. Little sparkling lights shining their light onto the earth. It must be one of my favourite things to see.
It is not hard to image that in the olden days the night sky was just seen as a canvas filled with little lights, there is nothing except our earth.
Later we discovered that our earth is not everything, there are other planets some just like us, others very different.
Is the world much bigger than we first imaged or are we a lot smaller?
When I look at the sky I see a lot of different suns, wich each host their own worlds some very cold, somewhere it rains acid and much more.
When see all those worlds I can’t help but fell small. I am just a human standing on this medium sized planet floating in this giant space, we are just ants crawling on this big rock. We are small and you can see that by just looking up at night.


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