The standards that should define me

So I was watching a television show a few days ago and I came across a channel on which somebody was reading a poem about society. How everybody has to fit into certain molds. Like how a boy should be muscular, strong. How he should not show emotion or really care about other things than banging hot chicks or sports cars.
And like how a girl should be feminine, she should love fashion, pink, skirts and all things beautiful. She should be more submissive and over-emotional.
That’s the way people view our genders and if you don’t fit in, you’re the weird one.

Now some people may say that I’m being really cynical right now. The world has changed right? Woman can have major jobs, they can vote and men showing emotion is completely accepted. But for some reason, I doubt this. Because while we may parade equality all around we still judge, at least subconsciously.

Cause if you’re honest, completely honest  with yourself, which will you find more normal?
A girl slaving off in the gym? Or a dude lifting weights?
A woman crying her eyes out because her boyfriend has left her, while everybody can see it? Or a male doing the exact same thing?

A lot of people may say that both are possible, but some people still see the world in a black and white vision. Somebody can’t be both and things normally associated with females, should be only for females. And this is the part of society that I loathe.
Why can’t people decide for themselves who they are and what they do? Others have no right to your life, your thought or your decisions.

While this may be a hard question to answer. In my opinion a part of it is just us thinking it would be easier. If you can define people by certain characteristics, you don’t have to try so hard. The idea of ‘oh she’s a girl’ she’ll like shopping, rom-coms and soaps is easier than really trying to get to know somebody. People judge really fast, without really knowing the person. Mostly based on the things they can see in a first glance.

Another reason is that people are scared. Scared of the way other perceive them, scared of the way that people will look at them, what people will think of them. And if you’re defined only by the fact that you’re a boy or a girl, it’s easier. You can do certain things and people will think, oh she’s just a normal girl, nothing weird about her. It’s a way to hide the things about you that make you different. If you overcompensate on the ‘normal’ parts people won’t look further to see the things you’re trying to hide.

But the thing that people should realise is that it’s the different part that makes you beautiful. Because that’s the part that makes somebody. So don’t listen to society and push yourself to be something you’re not. It isn’t worth the effort.


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