Within a Second

A second could change a life. Seems silly doesn’t it?  How could one little second, one little moment change something so big as your entire life. Seconds seem like unimportant things and they may become something big if you put all of them together but all alone they are nothing… right?

Well, I’m not so sure about that. Just imagine it, you were walking your dog on a nice sunday evening, just enjoying the sun and listening to music. And then your standing at a crossroad, do you go left or do you go right? At that moment right may seem like the best choice but what if your perfect match was walking down the road on the left. Just imagine, that one little choice, one little mistake could change your life right there.

And I know that something like this may seem stupid and that some people will say that  “if its meant to be you will meet again” but what if this never happens, what if you changed the destination of our life (in a bad way) within a second. Then a little moment will become a big one, even if you never know it.

And eventhough I know that something like this would be awful, I still think its one of the most beautiful things of life. Nothing is set in stone. How boring would our life be if everything was already decides and if everything went the exact way our ‘destiny’ has described it. You would have no imput in your own life. And eventhough you may not know it, it’s still like your life isn’t in your own hands. And personally, I really like the idea of deciding my own future.


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