A “real” talk

Never have I been good at social interactions, especially when I walk into acquaintances of mine on the street. I never know what to say, how do you start a conversation, what can u comment on? It all just feels forced. We have to talk, I have to ask how it goes even tho I already know you are going to say good because people always say well even when it is not going well.

all those conversations never have any real meaning. We talk but we say nothing, we just say what we think the other person wants to hear. We don’t want to bother anyone with our own problems. We do this even with people we know well and I never just understand why we are doing that. We think that our “bad” feelings will just trouble the people around us, but life is so much easier if we have help.

We are just used to keeping our “bad” feelings inside and just only talk about the good ones and if we don’t have them we just make them up. Maybe that is why I am not good at those social interactions because I can’t just always fake my happiness. Can’t we just stop faking and just say what we really feel because it would make conversations a lot easier.


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