Saint or Sinner?

Good or Bad?
Devil or Angel?

All these words lay opposite of eachother. You have to be the one or the other and you can’t be both. You can either be the one who is completely good or completely bad and there is no in-between.

To me, that vision is much too easy. It makes this world to be black and white while I think there are a lot of other shades in the spectrum, and you have to look for the greys. Because somebody isn’t made of just one quality. A person is a thousand things in one and while a lot of those things may have nothing to do with eachother some can be very contradicting.

Somebody isn’t only an angel or a devil. Most people have a little bit of both in them and it depends on the situation wich part comes out. Everybody has something that flips their switch and makes them do something bad. But in my eyes that doesn’t  necessarily mean that somebody is a bad person. It means that somebody has made a mistake, not that they are the mistake.

People are defined by so many things. The things they say, the situations they have been put in, the people they come from, the thoughts they think. All of these things and many other things form the entire person. So I don’t think it would be right to judge somebody on one thing only.

And I’m not saying you should just look away from the bad things somebody has said or done because some things can’t be excused, but I do think it’s smart to look further than just the first glance or the first thing that you heard about somebody. You wouldn’t like to be judged by only one part of your personality, so why would you do that to others.


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