6 stages every procrastinator goes through


1. Good intentions
You get the assignment you have to do. It is only due in a few weeks but you have good intentions. This time, you are not going to procrastinate, this time, you are going to finish it in time and it is going to be great.

2. Making a plan
Still filled with al the good intentions you make a game plan. You calculate that if you work half an hour every day you going to finish it in time. So you set that goal.

3. Procrastination
Day one, you think to your self that you have to work on the assignment. You go sit behind you desk, open your laptop and go to work. Well for like five minutes then you search online what happened to Gotye and if he is still in the music business after you go read the news because it is important to know what is happening in the world. Suddenly you are reminded it is 2:00 am and you have to wake up early tomorrow. You still haven’t worked on your assignment but that is okay, you still have tomorrow. This goes on for a few weeks.

4. Regret
In only two weeks you have to hand in the assignment and you calculate again now you have to work two hours a day. You regret that you are such a procrastinator and that you now have so much work to do. Still is all this regret not enough to get you to work.

5. Stress
The assignment is due in two days and you haven’t done any real work on it. You quickly go to the store to buy massive amounts of red bull, coffee or anything that has caffeine in it. You are stressing out but you know what you gotta do, you have to pull a few all-nighters.

6. Due date
You have almost forgotten the smell of fresh air but your assignment is done. The only thing you have to do is hand it in. It is not your best work but I have to do. You think to your self “next I am going to begin in time.” The next day you get a new assignment and the cycle starts all over again.


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