chaotic internet, chaotic mind



We live in a chaotic world. Everything just keeps on going. Social media is keeping us updated on everybody’s life, you get e-mails from work when you are home and world news keeps popping up on our screens. We just can’t stop, the internet always keeps us connected to the outside world. Can we ever disconnect and just relax?

The internet is a great thing, if you are reading this the chances are you are watching a screen connected to the internet. We love it, but the internet makes sure we can never disconnect from the worries of the outside world. Not that long ago you got home after a long day at work go sit in a chair and that is it, but all that has changed. It seems that we never get off of work. We get home to check our e-mails if we have got any important mail from work and go answer it. It seems that there is always someone asking something from you. We can never just be alone, we always have a phone in our pocket that connects us.

This shouldn’t be, this all causes for to much stress. Our attention span is just a fraction of what it used to be, burnout rates are going up and that all started with the introduction of modern technology. don’t get me wrong I love technology, I am an electrical engineer student technology is my future. It just seems to me that we are using it all wrong. We became slaves to the technology. It should be just a tool, but it has grown to be much more. If I lose my phone even for an hour I feel disconnected. Should that be? The internet causes so much stress, but it seems that we can’t live without it. I really want to be able to spend a day without my phone, to be able to be truly alone and just think.

The world is a chaos and that is reflecting in our heads.


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