When the lights go out

Nighttime. When the sky goes from blue to black,  sound slowly disappears and the stars are the only light you can see.

Personally I love it. The night is a time in which you can be completely alone with your thoughts. There’s nobody or nothing to disturb you, it’s only you and because of that you have time to just think. Think about the things that make you happy in life or about the things that make you sad. It also let’s you discover things you didn’t know before. When there’s nothing to distract you and your room is finally silent your minds goes to places it doesn’t normally go. Inspiration starts coming out in waves, unusual thoughts form in your head and you can discover so many new things about yourself, your life or just life in general.

Another great thing about the night is the darkness. When you look out of your window the only thing you can see is black, with sometimes far, far away a few lights. And to me, those little lights in the darkness seem almost poetic. It represents always having hope. Finding those little dots of light in a sea of darkness is something I love and would hate to miss.

And I’m not saying I don’t like mornings, because I do. They stand for a new beginning, a whole new day in which nothings set in stone. But to me, it isn’t possible to make those new beginnings without the peace of the night before. Because when you have to start a new day, first you must have closure about the day before. And nights give you exactly that.

And that’s why sometimes a perfect moment to me can be just lying on the ground at night, looking at the stars. You can discover so many things in a little moment like that or you can just enjoy the beauty. because there is a lot of beauty in it. So just try. Go outside. find a comfortable place on the ground  and see where your thoughts take you. You might discover things you never knew before.


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