Take a look in the mirror

What do you hate about yourself? Your eyes, your belly or the way your hair curls when you’ve just showered? Or maybe it’s your body type, face or the length of your legs.

While this question may be considered crude it’s something that bothers almost everybody in this world. Because in the end, we all have something we hate about ourselves. It could be something small, like a wrinkle near your eyes or the shape of your eyes but for some people it’s hard to find one thing to hate because (in their minds) they have too much to choose from.

And I think that’s wrong. Why are we being so hard on ourselves in a situation where it’s not needed. Because if you talk to somebody about these insecurities the chances are big that you’ll get an answer like “Are you crazy? I’d want to look like you!” or “That’s something I like about you!”. But we still can’t accept our own beauty. We see so many beautiful things in the people around us but for some reason our own reflection in the mirror is something we seem to hate.

But why? We should try to love ourselves, not find every little thing that we hate. Why is it so normal in this society to hate at least one thing about yourself. Why can’t people just say “This is something I like about myself” without being seen as arrogant or bragging. Why is our society teaching us to hate ourselves instead of loving ourselves?

Even while I’m typing this I can’t say something like “were perfect” because that sounds weird to me for some reason. And I don’t think that’s acceptable. Why should people hating themselves sound more common to me than people loving themselves? It’s just wrong… And I think it should change.

So go stand in front of a mirror today and take a good look at yourself. Take a good look and try to find something about yourself that you love. Don’t focus on the so-called ‘bad parts’ but find something beautiful. And while this may be hard in the beginning, I’m hoping it’ll get easier, because I really can’t accept a world in which the only thing we can see are our flaws.


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