the horns of jealousy


I am a very jealous person, I don’t like it to see people do better than me in the things I want to good in. It is not that I don’t want the other people to succeed, I just don’t want people to succeed more than I do.

For example this blog, I write this blog with the lovely Kike Franssen. She is a great writer and I love her writing. The only thing is, her pieces are doing really well, they get more views and more likes (More than we usually get, our blog is not really big.). This should make me happy because our blog is getting attention en people are starting to read it more, but this doesn’t make me as happy as it should.

This jealousy of mine I hate, I should be happy that people succeed and most certainly if they are my friends and I love them. I need recognition, I get my drive from people saying that I am doing well. If people don’t like the things I try so hard to do, why would I even do them?

I think everybody has that, everybody needs somebody that says that they are doing well and it is worth their time. Isn’t that the best feeling, somebody saying that what you are doing is awesome? if nobody does there is always that little bit of doubt that what you are doing is not good enough and the worst enemy of succeeding is doubt. Doubt never got anybody anywhere, but it is hard to overcome doubt alone. It is always nice to have somebody to help you get rid of doubt.

Starting with this blog was scary and I had a lot of doubt, but with Kike writing this blog isn’t that scary. Maybe this blog isn’t successful, writing for it is one of the highlights of my day.


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