Changing your history

Time travel. One of the most impossible things imaginable. The ability to change everything you know by going back to your past (or forward to your future). Being able to change everything you regret and relive all of the things you love.
But when you really think about it, if you had the chance, would you change your past?

I personally don’t think I would, eventhough sometimes, I’d really want to. Because while my life may not have been perfect all the time, far from it really, my life did make me who I am right now. The smallest change in my history could make me somebody else. And while this could work out amazingly, there would also be a possibility it wouldn’t.

What if that little change you made, made you somebody you wouldn’t like. You probably wouldn’t know, because you changed your past and by doing that you changed your future, but I still get a bad feeling from it.

Or even worse, what if it hurt somebody else. Because while a little change could seem unimportant. It could lead to something horrific. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I think that fits well with a situation like this. There is always a possibility that by trying to make something better, you make it worse, and to me that’s unacceptable.

So while changing your past seems amazing when you think about it, there are a lot of downsides to this idea. With the power to change the past, comes great responsibility, like with all power. And I just don’t think anybody should have that power. Not for others, or for themselves.

You are made by the things that happen to you, even the things you don’t like and if you would have to opportunity to change everything, I don’t think that life would change for the better. Because while some moments may suck, those moments do matter and you can’t make a life out of only happy moments. No matter how much you, I and everybody else would want to.

So just for a moment, think about it, really think about it. If you did had the opportunity to travel to your past and change things, would you?


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