the mystery of me

Who am I, what makes me me and am I the same person that I was a few years ago? Great minds cracked their head over these questions. It is kind of unsettling that we don’t really know what makes me me and you you.

These questions were date back to the classical area where great philosopher thought about these questions. Take for example the ship of Theseus. This was a thought experiment by Plutarch. There was a great ship made in theses that would travel across the world. In his travels, the sail broke so it got replaced, a mast fell over so it got a new one, so every last bit of the ship got destroyed and replaced. Even the crew didn’t stay on board forever, they died or quit so even they got replaced. In the end, not a single bit of the ship was the same it all got replaced. Is this still the same ship? It is not the same ship as left, but is still the ship of Theseus.

The same goes for us. As we age we change we get new traits we get more responsible. This even happens in our bodies, dead cells get replaced and in the end, all of your cells get replaced. Are we still the same person? Of course, you are still you and that will never change, but are you still you from the past?

What makes you even you? Are we our bodies and minds or are we much more. I was and still is a wild spread believe that people have souls. That in our bodies we carry this all precious thing that makes us who we are. Other people think it is all In our DNA that who we are is stored in there. We share 99% of our DNA with other humans, this 1% should make us who we are. If that sounds not that much just think that we share 50% of our DNA with a banana and we are quite different than a banana.

Who are you? It may look like a strange question, but it is a real one. Are you the same person as yesterday and are you going to be the same person tomorrow?


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