The masks of society

We all live trough live wearing a lot of different masks and a lot of time were wear these masks for totally ligament reasons. You can’t just act on work like how you act with your friends. We learn from a very young age that we have to wear these masks to form a normal functioning human being, you can’t just act like your crazy self in front of strangers. These masks are necessary for the society we live in.

First I might have to explain what I mean with these “masks”. These masks are metaphors for the way we fake our personalities in front of others. We do this because we are scared of what people might think of us or we do this because we are accepted too.

isn’t it strange that we are accepted to change your personality for where you are? Well, not really. We do this all the time, just think about it. You don’t act the same when you are alone as with your parents. There is nothing wrong with doing this, without it, you can’t really function in society.

Society needs these masks, but what we often forget that our own faces are hiding behind these masks. We can’t let the mask dictate our own morals. You shouldn’t do things you think are wrong just because others accept it from you.

There are real faces behind these masks we wear every day. These faces have all their own morals and the mask shouldn’t change that. If you change your morals because you are accepted to will turn you into a slave of the modern age.


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