Stop and look around

Take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the journey, the beauty that you can find in all of the things around you. Take a breath, stop rushing and just look.

Because people are forgetting that. Life is a series of goals and destinations. People have so much to do and because of that they just forget to enjoy. The little things don’t matter anymore and all they can think about is the things they have to do and how they’re going to accomplish those things in the fastest way imaginable. There’s no time left for appreciation or quiet. Everything is on fast forward.

And even if we have some time to just stand still, we still won’t look around. Our attention is taken away by a little device that’s always inside our hands. We are so focused on the things inside the online world that we forget to focus on the things outside of it. Conversations in real life are replaced by short sentences and smiley’s on Whatsapp and beautiful moments are replaced by pictures of those moments because the only thing that matters is how beautifully we portray those moments on the latest social media App.

And that just isn’t right. Beautiful moments lose their sparkle when the only time they are noticed is when seen on a site focused only on ‘how many likes’. And how do those likes matter? Does it really help us on a deeper level? Does it make us a better person?

I don’t really think so. And that’s why I say that people should look up. Notice the beauty of the things around you. Look for it even if it isn’t as noticeable anymore because it’s stuck in a technical device. So try to put your phone away for a minute, be the realest being in the room and start a conversation. You may be surprised what you will find when you listen.

Because life is short sometimes, and we can’t only focus on our goals. Because while the accomplishments may be amazing sometimes, the journey is what really makes it worthwhile and I don’t think people should just forget that. There’s more to life than the trophy’s we receive.


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