Quiet Lips, Loud Eys

I’ve always thought that emotions were conveyed by so many other things than only your words. Because while words may say a lot about somebody because that person is actually saying it, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other things that can convey a message just as well or sometimes, better.

Take eyes for example. People always say that eyes are the window to the soul, and I agree. Emotions are shown trough them and they can say a thousand things without needing to speak even one word. Eyes are harder to control as well. Because humans can control a lot. They can fake a smile and say “I’m fine” without breaking a sweat. They can control their words, they way they say those words and even their body language. But most of the time, people can’t control their eyes.

There’s always a little bit of emotion coming trough. Which emotion comes trough doesn’t matter. It could be happiness, anger or sadness. But I’d like to believe there’s always some part that’s shown. Because it isn’t good to have everything hidden.

Because while it may be easier sometimes  to put the ‘bad emotions’ behind a locked door, it won’t ever be good for you. People aren’t made to lock everything inside, because there will always be a moment in which the lock will snap and then your stuck with everything you refused to deal with before.

And that’s why I love the way people’s eyes can be loud even when their lips are silent. I really think we should share the important things about our lives with each other, and if our lips aren’t capable doing that, than our eyes are the perfect substitute.


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