A society formed by fear

The world is shocked by latest events Nice, Orlando and Ankara. An ever growing fear of terrorism is forming the western world and that fear terrifies me. A society formed by fear is not a society I want to live in.

people make rash decisions when they are scared and bad people know how to use that. Look at Trump, Trump knew how he could use this fear and become a presidial candidate. I am not saying that Trump is a bad man, I am just am not a real fan of his ideas. In normal circumstances would a man saying that they are going to bomb families never become a presidial candidate.

That people are scared is normal, but fear can lead to hate and hate is the last things we want. If we just start to hate the whole of Islam, are we so much different? The Islam has nothing to do with this, this could have happened with every religion every ideology even and has happened before crusades, WWII and the list just goes on.

We can’t form a society formed by hate and fear because we are better than that. We have seen in the past that that won’t work, our society is based on freedom. If we let fear from our society this freedom will fall. We can’t let this fear shape us in any form.


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