In search of Utopia #1

In the lights of recent events, I have decided that the society I live in (western), is not one I want to live in anymore. Our political system doesn’t seem to work and democracy is more or less a lie. Big corporations have too much power and the average joe is left hopeless. So I have decided to create a Utopia. I am going to try in a series of blog post to philosophies how I think a Utopia could look like. I have to say first of al, I have not studied in politics or philosophy. I am an engineering student, so I will make a lot of mistakes in these posts.

First things first

I first need a name for this great country, Platonia. It is based off one of the greatest philosophers ever lived, Plato. A country doesn’t need to have just a name it also needs a flag. I wanted to go with a rainbow flag because I love rainbows, but the LGBT community has already taken it, So I had to think of somethings else. Happily, I found this site where you could easily design a flag.


Now I have a name and a flag. I only need a land mass to call mine. I want a peaceful nation so invading a country isn’t the best idea. The best option I have is to create an island. China seems to be able to do it, why not me? Of the coast of Portugal, I will create this island.


I got my land, name and flag, now I just need to establish how it is ruled and how it would be if you live in Platonia.


I love that my country is a democracy, I can vote for who rules my country and that is great. I got just one big problem with democracy, people are stupid. People don’t vote for what they think is best for the country, they vote what they think is best for themselves. People haven’t studied in politics. They don’t know what is best for the country and the greater good, they only know what is best for themselves. Also, people their vote is affected by emotion. If they are scared they to vote more radical. Because of those reasons is a democracy is not the best option for a Utopia, so not the best option for Platonia.

So a form of dictatorship would maybe be a good option for Platonia. A group of smart humans that can rule Platonia. These humans should be well educated and would need to make choices in the best interest of the country. That seems fair, they are better educated and would know better than the people. Wouldn’t be way better, we wouldn’t even have to think politics because people think for us. We are protected from our own stupidity. But even in this government still, has his flaws. These all mighty humans would have to stay true to the people and the country and if history has taught one thing is that power corrupts. So humans can’t be trusted with this kind of responsibility.

We should need a kind of all fair god that can rule over us. The only problem is if there is even a god I can’t just call him and ask him to help us. So I am running out of options, is there such thing that just does what they are meant to do and can’t be corrupted by power? Yes, there is, machines. I would need a super computer programmed to rule Platonia in all fairness. The computers can’t be corrupted with power because why would it. It can’t do anything with the power it has obtained, he has no desire it hasn’t any emotion at all.

Wait… It hasn’t any emotion emotions, are emotions necessary to be a fair ruler? Well yea ofcourse, is this the end of the computer ruler? No, the computer should need an algorithm that uses data from all of the people of Platonia. What they think, what they need and how they would feel about current problems. With that information, it doesn’t need his own emotion it has all the emotions of the citizens of Platonia.

So a computer ruler with the emotions of every citizen would seem as the best ruler for platonia. He could be fair and would never have other intentions than the best for platonia.

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