Melodies of life

Music. A combination of different rhythms, melodies, chords, lyrics and so much more. It’s made to fit into all of these different categories, so that there’s something for everybody in this world. You have slow songs, fast ones, sad ones and happy ones. All of them so very different but in a way connected.

Personally, it’s one of my favourite things. Music can take me away to a completely different place, just like any good story can. I can lose myself in music, I can get inspiration from it and mostly I can relate to it.

Because all these different songs inspire certain feelings inside our bodies. Music can explain what your feeling without you ever having to say it. It can relate to your emotions and it can take you to a feeling you weren’t feeling before or maybe even a feeling you were afraid of feeling.

It’s an outlet, an outlet for the emotions you want to ignore and a way to express the things you cannot even speak about. Because everybody has those things. Stories they don’t want to look back to, or feelings they try to ignore. And by sharing them trough something like music, you can still get them out of your system. And that’s something you should do, because ignoring your emotions is a bad thing and if music is a way for you to do it, just like it is to me, than that’s awesome.

So yeah, I really do love music. For the simple reasons like that it sounds awesome, or because I like both playing it and listening it, but also for the deeper reasons. How it can help you express yourself or sweep you away.


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