In search of Utopia #2

In the last post, we established where my utopia would be, how the flag look like, the name (Platonia), and how it should be governed. If you haven’t read go read in search of utopia #1 (link) before reading this post.

What should be the fundamental rights in Platonia, what are the rights of every citizen, given by law? These rights are ground rules for my Utopia. You could argue that such rights aren’t necessary for a land governed by a robot who can tell what is best for the whole of platonia, but what is best for the majority of platonia isn’t necessary the best for the minority. So these rights are there to protect the minorities so that Utopia is a Utopia for everyone. Also, there are there to protect freedom so in whatever happens everybody in Platonia is free.

The fundamental rights of platonia are going to much the same as other countries in the western world. As I don’t so a lot wrong with those. The problem only is that fundamental rights bring a lot of dangers with them. These dangers are going to be discussed and talked about how these can be tackled in platonia.

1. The right of equality

Every human in Platonia is equal, they have the same rights as everyone. Discrimination is not allowed. Discrimination for belief, race, political views, gender, Sexuality or on any grounds what so ever is prohibited. Also, it is prohibited to give or take changes because of these.

This right is in my view the most important right there is. Discrimination is still a serious problem we have today, even if it is illegal almost everywhere in the world. It is a very hard to tackle discrimination because it is very hard to prove. When somebody gets fired for their race or believe the employers can easily say that they were just not right for the job. So not should be discrimination punished it should also be actively prevented. You can prevent this with education. hate comes from misunderstanding and fearing, children get told by their parents being gay is wrong and trough the media people are starting to fear the Islam, people in the time of slavery got told that black people weren’t actual humans and from al that comes hate and discrimination. If children get taught how that we are all equal and that those children get educated in other beliefs, in other lifestyles and sexuality, a lot of discrimination can be prevented.

2. freedom of speech

No one has to ask permission from the government first to be able to publish.
Every human in Platonia has to right to say anything unless it a call for hate and violence.

In a free country the freedom of speech in necessary, everyone should be able to express their feelings. The problem with freedom of speech is that it can clash with the right of equality. That is why it is prohibited to call for hate and violence. You can’t say “Let’s kill all the jews.” what you can say is “I should prefer if all the jews were dead.” It is still a horrible thing to say and think, but there are always people that think. You can’t just say that some thoughts are better then other thoughts so if someone has freedom of speech everyone should have it. As I hope that with good education these believes will not spread.
3. privacy

Authorities are only allowed to listen in to any form of communication speech or text based if there is sufficient evidence that the person who is being listened in to possess a threat security.
Authorities are only allowed to enter somebodies house without the house owners consent if there is sufficient evidence that the person whose house entered possesses a threat to security.

This one I had really hard time writing. Because privacy is something that already possesses a threat to security. If platonia is ruled by an almighty computer that feels what is best for Platonia, can easily think that it would be best if everybody is being eavesdropped on. But I value my privacy and that is why I would put in my Utopia.

These are the fundamental rights any citizen of Platonia has. Most countries have more, but I felt that with an almighty all good computer overlord those were not necessary, because he would know better and this piece is not the most fun to write about my utopia. I still wrote it because I felt it was necessary to create a utopia, first establish a set of rules on wich to build on.


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