Against the hate for gender fluidity

We, humans, have a tendency to see things binary, black and white. We do that because it is really easy, somebody is this or that good or evil, male or female, gay or straight, but that is not always true. I would like to write sometimes different about the non-binary in good and evil now I would like to talk about the non-binary in sex.

I browse a lot through the internet and a lot of the time it is 9gag. If you don’t know 9gag, it is a website where people post funny pictures and memes. What is troubling me is the hate against people who don’t identify their self either as male nor female, people who fall in between. They get a lot of undeserved criticism because it is “unnatural”. I am really irritated by this for a few reason. First of all, how should they know? They say this because it is different, it is not what they are used to, but how can that be a valid reason to say it is unnatural. The the second reason is, that why should they care? It is not like gender fluid people are any causing trouble. I won’t say to you that you have to agree with what they are doing, but I don’t see why you should call them out for it.

You hear sometimes people saying “But then how should I call them a boy or a girl.” and I loved the answer that a British comedian, Russel Howard, gave when he got ask this question. He just said “Maybe their name.” and he is right. A person is just a person no matter if he is a boy, a girl, both or none and a person deserves respect. So let’s give these people the respect to deserve and just let them be who they want to be.

I can see why it may seem strange, we learned at first that there are only two genders. You are either a boy or a girl, that is it. You hear that boys want to be girls and girls want to be boys. That is already not what you are used to and now suddenly (not that suddenly) you hear people sometimes identify as a girl and sometimes as a boy. It maybe can seem strange, but that doesn’t it is wrong or “unnatural”.


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