Live matters

Safety is the most important thing for a government, safety for all his citizens. That is why there is police to keep the peace in a country for everyone. The USA faces a problem, the police don’t always keep the peace and do the opposite. They act brutally and sometimes kill innocent people and most of the time these people are African American. I don’t say that every police officer does this, a lot of them just to do their job.

I watch the protests on the news and see how angry people are. They feel that they don’t get the same rights as others do and I don’t blame them. Racism is still a real issue and when there is racism in the police there is not just an issue there is actual treath to society. As I said before the police are there to protect and keep the peace, that is why they have special rights. But if they use their special right wrongfully it can do more wrong than good. There is police brutality against African Americans there is no doubt about that and that does more wrong than good. People are getting angry with the police and they should be. The police force is something we created to keep us safe and if they don’t do that and do the opposite people should protest against it.

With a protest, I mean a peaceful protest. You can never solve violence with violence. I get it that people are angry and that they want change, but the only way that is ever going to happen is to stand together. The police nor the government fears riots, they fear people. Look at Martin Luther King, he was not for violence he was for change. He got people together, stood tall and changed the world with it.

Stand for what is right and change the world with it.


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