Influences in life

There are a lot of things that influence somebody throughout their lives, I think everybody can agree to that. We are brought into our the world with almost nothing. We’re tiny humans that are going to grow into people who could possibly change the world. And that doesn’t just happen in a week.

At first we are influenced by our parents. They teach us our most important values and they give us certain characteristics. Their DNA flows through our veins and can influence things like our temper or even some of our characteristics.

Circumstances are another influence. People are changed by the obstacles that they have to overcome. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that nobody’s has an completely easy life. Everybody has to deal with their own problems that they have to deal with. And that’s the important part. Will they be beaten down by their challenges or will they beat them?

The last and maybe most important thing that changes us (at least to me) is people. We learn so much from the people we hang out with on a daily basis. Our parents influence our earliest and maybe even deepest values, our friends can give us a different perspective on life and even our enemies can have a big impact on our life.

So, as you can see we are who we are because of a lot of different reasons.. And because one of them is people it could also be possible that we influenced somebody else our actions. And I would like to tell you to remember that. Your actions have consequences and they could change somebody in a way you could have never imagined. So be the change you want to see in somebody else.


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