The music is bursting trough the speakers, shots are flying over the counter like its our last night on earth and at the moment, we feel like could be. Hundreds of sweaty bodies are moving on the dance floor, all doing their own thing but at the same time they are moving as one. And for some reason, that makes you feel alive.

Everything seems to be happening at once. Thoughts are slowly becoming hazier and every sense in your body is being magnified. The music gets louder, and touches become electricity. You can feel yourself being swept up by it, lost in the feeling of being reckless, of being fearless, of being free.
Carefully thought out plans turn into impulses and for once, that’s okay. There is no need to over think, no thought of consequences. All that matters is right now.

And in some ways, I guess that can be scary. Because you can lose yourself in it. Forget where you are, who you are and what you do and do not want to do. Because while being fearless may sometimes seem amazing, I sort of believe there are drawbacks as well. Somebody who’s fearless can sometimes go too far, or go too fast. Sometimes you need that moment in which you need to think about something, carefully weigh the pros and cons and then decide. And when you’re in that reckless mode, you don’t do that.

Ofcourse you also shouldnt allow it to rule your life. But like with everything I believe there is a balance which we must seek. There is never only black or white, good or bad,  saint or sinner. There are shades in between and to me, those are the most important.
Cause sometimes there are moments in which you need to be reckless and where you need to be swept up. But i do think you have to be brought back down sometimes as well.


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