Can I take my time?

I have a problem and I do not feel equipped to deal with it. I don’t feel like I am moving forward anymore, not in a literal sense, but personal. Like I am not growing as a person, I don’t feel like I am getting any smarter, I don’t feel like I am becoming a better person, nor do I feel like I am growing creatively in my writing like somebody paused the movie that is my life. You can argue “Your just eighteen years old you have so much more time to grow, so you can take your time growing.” To those people is say, those other eighteen-year-olds aren’t waiting around, those little fuckers are growing and getting better. They are going to get the job I want, they are going to get the person I dream of and they are going to write that bestseller that I was supposed to write.

I don’t try to say that I was destined for greatness, I am probably not. But this doesn’t mean I should allow myself to take a break. I need to go on, I need to improve myself. Because if I don’t, why do I even try? I want to become the best version of me, achieve as Much as I can Achieve. So I don’t have time to take breaks, I don’t feel like I have time to take breaks.

But then how do I get out of this break? “Success is all about going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” This quote, supposedly said by Winston Churchill, gives some advice as I should be doing it. I should just get up and move on, but if it was so easy why didn’t I think of it before, then why did I even get stuck? Because it is not really true, you can’t just go from one failure to another, even if keep hope. There is no shame in failure, but there is a shame in just moving on from failure and not learning from it.

I want to tweak the quote a bit “Succes if all about failing, restrategizing and failing again, all without losing enthusiasm.” I am stuck at restrategizing, maybe it is just time to go and fail again.


One thought on “Can I take my time?

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