Sometimes I feel like I’m doing nothing. Like there is so much that needs to be done and I could be doing more but for some reason it just doesn’t happen. Its like there’s so much potential and I’m not even using half of it. And that sucks.
And I know saying you’ve got a lot of potential may seem pretentious and narcissistic but have you never had the feeling like you’re meant to do more. Make a change in the world or have an impact on others? Because I certainly have. But I still feel like I’m not nearly doing enough.

And I guess a part of that is that my life is going okay with the amount of effort that I put into it right now. I’m getting the grades I need to go to my next year and I’m finishing my assignments. I’m going to parties and having fun with my friends. You could say that right now I’m doing “okay”.

But is it wrong that I want to be more than just ‘okay’? That i don’t want to live my life feeling that way. I just honestly think people should aspire to be more. Because there’s so much we can accomplish if we put in  a little extra effort.

And I guess some people can say that it won’t change much. That it won’t matter if you put in more effort because what effect can you have. You’re just one tiny piece in this puzzle and the world would be fine without that piece. But in the end, isn’t everybody just a tiny little piece? And don’t those piece together form something much more influential. Because one person has an impact on another and that person will have an impact on somebody else and this cycle will continue like that.

So I would like to believe that we do have an impact. And right now, it doesn’t matter how small this impact might be, it still exists. And that’s the most important part. And I understand that this might be terribly naive of me but what is the other option? Just agree that we aren’t going to have an impact and keep living life in the ‘well I’m okay so it must be fine’ way? Because that’s not what I want from life. I want to do more than just exist and to do that, I should always strive to do more, to be more. To unlock every piece of potential I have hidden inside myself.


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