So I guess it’s finally time. 2016 is over and we’ve arrived in 2017. And now everybody will be starting from scratch. New beginnings, amazing plans, and ofcourse the famous saying “New year, new me”. But the thing I’m kind of wondering about is why now?

Sure I get that it’s a good time to start doing things better. You can start with a goal of going to the gym, not drinking as much anymore or maybe even finally finding love but in the end more than half of the people saying those things will still get wasted on New Years Eve, put a stop to their gym-membership after one month of saying “yeah, I’ll start tomorrow and will still be swiping left on their favourite dating app.

Because people can be simple beings and we probably won’t start doing things majorly different just because one simple number changed. Personally I really think change has to come from realizing that you really don’t like something about yourself or something you are doing and honestly wanting to change it. Because changing your ‘bad’ habits can be fucking hard. Most of the time it’s something that’s deeply integrated into your being so you won’t just stop doing it because it’s a new year. It can require a lot of effort and if you’re going to put a lot of effort into something you really have to want it. And with most of our ‘New Years Resolutions’ this just isn’t the case.

Ofcourse I still somewhat like the idea. Wanting to become a better person is a good thing and if you have to use something like a New Year as your drive then be my guest. All I’m saying is that change can take an effort and it’s not as easy and I think that people should realize this. And with that I’m not saying it isn’t worth it in the end because I truly believe that it is. Change can be a good thing, and as long as you don’t go to far and you stay true to the most important parts of yourself, I always think you should strive to be a better person.


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