Dear 2018,

So…I don’t exactly know how to start this post so I guess I’ll just start with telling you about how I got this idea.
Well, I honestly got really inspired by the blog post of my fellow After-The-Reveal-writer and I decided I wanted to try to write a letter to myself as well. But because I like to do things a little bit differently and I want to stay original I decided I should write a letter to the future me. Not far into the future, just one year, to keep my goals simple.
So here we go I guess.

Hello 2018 me,

Its me, or well you, your past you.  I’m writing this letter just 7 days after New Years Eve 2016/2017  and I’m hoping to look back at it in a year and realize that I’ve at least managed to accomplish a few or my goals.
Okay first some background information, in case you’ve forgotten (which would be strange since it has only been a year but oh well). Right now I’m in my first year of studying Journalism, living with my parents, enjoying college life very much and I’ve got great friends.

And I guess I should start there. How are our friends? Is the friend group still intact?Is everything finally okay and calmed down? I honestly hope so. I hope we finally talked  and honestly discussed everything, even though I know the conversation itself will probably suck.

And while we’re on the topic of talking, how are you doing with that? Broken down some walls yet? Because right now you still have them, don’t even try to deny it. I honestly hope you’ve managed to break a few down because it will be good for you in the long run. And if you have, please remember how you did it okay, because that’s something I can struggle with sometimes.

Oh, and ofcourse, your love life. How’s that going? Found your babe yet? Still straight? I hope you still got some innocence left in you, or you at least still use your “But I’m the innocent one”, even if it’s probably even more of a joke in 2018 then it is in 2017. But I hope you are okay with were you are in your love life in 2017. I’m not going to say I especially want you to be dating someone, or still enjoying the single life because I don’t even know what I want right now. But I do hope you are happy with where you are in 2017. And if that’s with a completely hot dude, who’s funny, musically talented and so much more, who am I to complain.

But onto more serious matters right now. How is it going in this world of ours. Is Donald Trump still president? Please tell me that we still have a concept of equality in our world because to me that’s so important. And what about all the terrorist attacks. Did they stop? Tell me they stopped, or at least got less common. I just want everything to be a little bit more normal. Like that people got a little less scared and we’ve got hope for our future. Please tell me you still got hope for our future.

And this blog, how is this blog doing? Are we still writing? I think we are because it’s something I love and I would never want to give up but I still want to make sure. Did we reach more people yet?  That would be so awesome. Just the idea of actually having an impact on people who read our stuff is amazing and I honestly hope we can accomplish that.

And now the last part.. What’s your opinion on your life right now (like 2018 right now). Do you finally know what you want to do? Are you still studying Journalism or did you change your course? And did you make the right decision? Because a big part of me still doesn’t know for sure. And what about our parents? Are they okay? Are you still living with them or did you move out? If I have to think about what I want you to answer to that question I also don’t completely know what I want you to answer but I guess I’ll just see in about a year.

Well, I guess I’ve left you a lot of questions and I’m honestly looking forward to being able to answer them.

With Love,
Your slightly crazy, sleep deprived, college life loving 2017 self.


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