Faking morals

There was a woman sitting next to me on the train and if I would be honest, I found her very ugly. It wasn’t that she ate too much of Christmas dinner or that she had a weird nose or anything, she was bout 40 years old, but I wasn’t really sure because of the layers makeup she was wearing and of the clearly visible plastic surgery. She could have been way older, I don’t know. It is not that I hate makeup or that I am against plastic surgery, but there is a line. She looked more dole then woman.

I like to keep things, looks aren’t anything. With looking good is nothing wrong, I spend most of my in the morning watching in the mirror trying to get my hair good. I just don’t like fake people. This counts for fake from the outside and the inside. I can’t stand people, always forcibly laugh or trying to look cool. Look everybody changes their personality for different occasions and that is fine, but you still have morals and I hate it that people leave their morals behind just to fit in. If people don’t have the same morals as you, maybe they or just not your kind of people. Or if they joke about something that you think offensive don’t laugh about it or make yourself jokes about it, it is perfectly alright not to laugh about something if you really feel like a hero today you can even say something about it (most if the time I am too scared to do this). You are maybe scared that people will dislike you for not thinking the joke is funny, most of the time they won’t.

You don’t have to be fake to be likeable, if people don’t like you that are probably just not your people and you can probably do without those people. Be yourself and stand for what you believe, don’t let people change that.


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