What does it mean to be human? After listening to All We Do by Oh Wonder I started wondering about this question and I asked a few people around me to think about it as well. Because that’s what they asked a couple of filmmakers, but also normal civilians like you and me to do. To think about it, really think about it. What does being human mean to you, and most importantly. What do you want it to mean.

The answer of one of the first people in the video was: “Literally at this second, like with everything that’s happening in the world, being a human is pretty much the hardest thing to be.” And some part of me agrees. Because right now, our world is pretty messed up. Values like equality are doubted and racism and discrimination is still very much alive. People  are doing stupid things, because that’s what they’re taught to do and what some authorities say they must do and because humans can act like sheep, they follow.

But I don’t think this is what being human should mean. Because humans can be so pure and so good. We can accomplish so much if we really try. If we try to accept other humans for who they are, for where they come from, for who they love and even for they mistakes they’ve made. Because everybody makes them. Nobody is perfect, everybody has flaws. But to me, the mistakes are not the important part. The important part is what people learn from the mistakes they make. Because that’s the thing that shows who you really are.

So if I’d have to answer the question: “What does it mean to be human?”, I guess this would be my answer:
To be human is to feel emotion. To let things overwhelm you and to learn from the mistakes you make, because everybody makes them, it’s the way you deal with it that defines you. To give that little bit extra and care about the people around you… To look at the world and acknowledge the things that are wrong with it and try to change them even if it’s only for yourself. To me, being human is being alive, not only breathing.

And that’s my answer. Maybe you think it’s stupid or naive. But to me it’s important. And I want people to think about this. What does being human mean to you and if you’ve formed your answer, please post it on this site:  . People from all around the world have done this, and I honestly think it’s an amazing initiative. So take some time and answer.


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