Until you let them

So in a previous post I talked about treating people like they were your inferiors and I feel like I have to come back to that subject. Because I remembered a quote I read a long time ago that I really want to talk about.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” by Eleanor Roosevelt.
It’s a quote I want people to think about, and I truly need to think about myself because sometimes I do still feel that way. And I don’t think you can fault other people for that. Sure they can have an impact on it, a huge impact even but I do think it’s something you need to find in yourself as well.

No one can start truly appreciating you untill you appreciate yourself and I don’t think people do this enough. Because we can see the good things in other people, it’s very easy for us. Other are beautiful, smart, rich, talented or anything else that we want to be. We can never understand why they would down on themselves and be blind to the amazing qualities they have but the truth is that we do the exact same thing ourselves.

I can’t even start to count the conversations about how amazing the other is I’ve had with my friends. “How can you say that, you’re awesome” is a sentence I’ve uttered so much and the funny part is I always mean it, but when they start about me I just seem to laugh it off.

And I think that we shouldn’t do that. Why don’t we just look in a mirror and try to focus the things we like about ourselves instead of the things we hate. Something that might sound hard in the beginning but I do hope it will have an effect. Because yeah, we can complain about all those ‘perfect’  models in the magazines that make us feel like were not good enough, but why make that choice. Why not make the choice to not let other people make us feel inferior, make the choice to accept ourselves?

And I do realize things like that take time and the first 100 times you look in the mirror you will still see the negative over the positive but to me it’s an accomplishment if you just see a few of your amazing qualities. I want people to love themselves, to appreciate the good.

And with that I’m not saying that we are perfect, and we should just ignore the things we do wrong, because I’m still of the opinion that nobody’s perfect. I still think we should strive to be more than we are but I do think we should love ourselves while doing that. Because how are you going to enjoy your life, if you keep only seeing the negative.

So don’t give them the power. Don’t give others or even the world the right to define you as inferior but mostly, don’t accept it from yourself.

With Love,


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