Sense or Sensibility

Or maybe head vs. heart. I was wondering about these two. Do you listen mostly to sense, the things your brain tells u to do, the options that are considered smart. Or do you choose sensibility, the feelings that can sometimes guide you to the right decision but also are able to get you to make rash decisions.

Because both have up and downsides. Sense can indeed help you make smart decisions, rational decisions. It can help you in a situation in which feelings might overwhelm you but it can also block out these feelings. When you only work with the sense part of your mind you can forget your own feelings about a situation or the feelings of the people around you.And to me that’s the bad part about sense. Because feelings need to be discussed and acknowledged, not ignored. They are an important part of somebody’s life.

And then u have sensibility. Your feelings, the emotions that can sometimes cloud your judgement, but who can also help you. Your feelings are the things that help you keep going, that make life worth living and the things that make you able to connect with people, to empathize with them. But they can also cloud your judgement, as I said before. People who only rely on sensibility can be rash in their decisions and disregard the facts that may have helped them, because to them , the feelings are the things that matter.

So both of these options aren’t that good alone. And I think that’s where the solution lies. You need both in your life. You can’t life your life based on the one or the other, both need to have an impact. And which one has the most impact? Well, I think that really relies on the person and the situation he or she is in.  But to me the most important part is that people acknowledge en use both.

And if you ask me which one I use most, I honestly don’t know. I know I sometimes do make decisions mostly bases on feeling and but I also know I can sometimes shut my feelings off when they get too difficult to deal with, or when the situation requires me to. But I don’t know which one I use most. As I said before the most important part is that people use both and the exact way of doing this isn’t that important to me. The fact that people know and do this is.


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