It’s something I’ve always felt questionable about. Because feminism can sometimes be described as views that come close to man-hating. And to me, that isn’t what it should be about. We shouldn’t only be talking about better rights for women or the things that aren’t equal for us, but we should be talking about equality for each gender. Male or female.

Because it isn’t like males aren’t viewed with a certain inequality as well. Fathers aren’t seen as having as big in a role in parenthood as mothers and males aren’t allowed to show emotion or weakness. And to me, this also is an issue. Because if you are talking about equality, you are talking about both genders.

And if you’re asking yourself, why speak out about this right now?
Well I was watching a speech by Emma Watson, somebody who is known as a feminist and I have to say, I loved it. Because she talked about both genders. She isn’t about man-hating, or only about better rights for women. She’s talking about equal chances for both. Equal rights and opportunities in your emotions, your work, your body and just your life in general. And to me, that’s what feminism is and should be about.

And in the middle of her speech she talked about being scared to say all of these things, and to motivate herself she said the words “If not me, who?” and “If not now, when?” And this just really got to me. Because while my opinion might not matter to a lot of people or inspire a lot of people, it can still have some impact even if it’s only on a few people or even only on me. Change starts with yourself.

And  I just think we should think about it, because equality is important. Equality in everything. In gender, race, sexuality and background. And we should fight for that, we should fight for our daughters, our sister and our mothers. But we should, just as much, fight for our sons, our brothers and our fathers. Oh and before I forget, we should fight for it, for ourselves.


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