How I make 400 euros per post, or not.

Almost every day I scroll trough Pinterest and because I do that with the After the Reveal account (find us on Pinterest) I get a lot of blog related pins. First I thought well that is really interesting but really quick I started to get irritated by them. They are always the same, they are either “How I make so much money” or “how to start your own blog”. I have not really problems with how to start your own blog post. I find that they are to many of them, but it is nice that people try to help starting bloggers. The money post I hate.

Always when I see a post about money I have a few thoughts that are always in the same order. First I start with “That is a lot of money” then it follows with “I would like to make so much money with blogging.” then I think “Well I like doing this, so who cares” and finally “I am not doing this for money I do it because I love writing.”

The truth is I make about 0 euros per post and After the Reveal will soon reach twenty followers. So I don’t really blog for the fame or for the money. I write mostly about my life and not because I think it is so interesting, but I do it because it helps me reflect and makes me think. I post it because I hope it makes the readers think.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to get paid to do this and I would really want to reach a broader audience, but it is not my main focus and it won’t ever be. I don’t want my writing to be something I love to the and my the subjects I write about to be something I care about. My writing is a product of my mind and I think that is what writing should be and never a product of money.


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