Creative Thinking

It’s something we have to ‘learn’ in a class I have at school this period. We have to do a lot of different kinds of tests like searching for creative ways to use a brick, or pointing at objects and saying something completely different. These tests are supposed to widen our creative minds and open our thought process up for different ways of thinking.

But one thing I notices while doing this is that I try to search for solutions that are to difficult or to big. Simple thinking can be just as effective. I tried to think of all of these extensive ways to use a brick while others just came with simple solutions and I was just sitting in the back of the class thinking: Stupid! Why didn’t I think of that’

Another thing I noticed is that I was trying to find options that we’re possible. Others came with crazy options like cooking an egg on it, or using it as a hat, and this made me think. Yes, these options are weird and slightly less probable than using it to build a house but I don’t think we should limit ourselves while thinking of options or idea’s. We can always filter out the impossible idea’s in a later stadion.

So what I’m trying to say is don’t limit yourself. Both in thinking of the simple options or the big impossible ones. You can always pick the best idea later and maybe you’ll open your mind up for different idea’s while thinking of the more crazy ones.


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