From words to actions

Sometimes I wish that the world was more like the movies. Not that I think my life is uneventful, but in movies, people can always make things right with just saying the right words and that is not always the case in the real world. They get into a fight with a friend because they did something horrible and they can just make it right by saying some sweet emotional things and it works.
I always considered myself good with words, I thought I could do the same as the people in the movies. I now see that is not true. that doesn’t mean I am not good with words, it means that words are not always good enough.

Words have a limit and that limit is that words without action can take all the credibility of your words.
I always thought that my words are the greatest asset to me in a friendship and now I can see that it is one I am very dependent on. I am a very passive person when it comes to friendship, I am always very scared to get in somebody’s way.
I got in a fight with a friend of mine and I really want to make up, but words can’t fix this. I waited too long to take action after my words.
I feel really powerless without being able to talk myself out of this, I can’t make an excuse that just makes it how I have acted.

I am a person who is all for self-improvement and I always try to improve myself in becoming a better person, but I am struggling to improve myself in being more active stripped of my credibility. Sometimes you can’t wait for the world to understand you, you have to make the world understand you and sometimes that can’t just be done with words.


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