On the go

Since I became a college student I’ve started to travel a lot more, sometimes by train and sometimes by bus or metro. But no matter which travel method I use I’ve started to notice a lot more about these trips. Because while these contraptions may sometimes make you sick, there are some positive sides to them as well.

Take the people as an example. Because you can see so many different types of people on (for example) trains. Some of them may have a lot in common and some of them nothing at all, but for that short period in their life they all have the same destination and way of getting there. And I kind of like that feeling.

Another thing I notice is the conversations, and the things I learn about people because of them. And sure, not all of my trips are filled with conversations, but there is a choice. You can just be on your phone or read a book, minding your own business but sometimes you can also strike up a conversation with another passenger and learn a lot about them or from them. Because while it may seem strange you can learn a lot about people in your short trip. People can sometimes be a lot more open because, oh well you won’t see this person ever again. And while that can sometimes be sad, I do think it can be a beautiful effect as well.

And last but not least, just traveling itself. Because while you’re traveling, you can really get the opportunity to think. Let’s take right now for example. Here I am sitting in the train, with my phone on 5% and only the voice who announces the next station as company and because of that I get an opportunity. An opportunity to really think and maybe even get some inspiration. Because just a moment ago, I did not know what to write about and just by sitting here, I came up with an idea. And that’s what I love. Just receiving that little burst of inspiration and knowing what to say, because I was looking out my train window and thinking, just thinking.

And yes I understand that me putting away my phone has also something to do with this, but that’s a completely different story and maybe something I’ll write about later. What I just wanted to say right now is to just appreciate it. Trains can be much too late, take forever and be filled with people stealing your spot to sit, but there also is a positive side.
And that’s just something I wanted to remind you of.


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