It’s sad, but not a surprise

This Monday a gay couple walking on the streets of Arnhem, a city in the Netherlands, got beaten up for walking hand in hand. They got beaten so bad by a group of guys that one of them lost his teeth.
I heard this the same day from a good friend of mine, she told me that celebrities made pictures of themselves standing hand in hand with somebody from the same sex. I hadn’t yet heard what happened so I asked: “why?”. She told me about what happened and I wasn’t really surprised it just made me feel sad.

Sad that something like this still happens. I know that things like these still happen, that is why I wasn’t surprised, but it shouldn’t happen anymore.
My friend pointed out that it was nice that people were making this picture of standing hand in hand. She was right that it was nice to do that, but it didn’t change a thing. It is nice that they show that they support the lgbtq+ community, but that doesn’t change the fact that a couple got beaten up for who they loved.

This is not something that should be allowed to happen, homophobia is something that has to be taken care of. If the whole of the country is united against homophobia then why is it still such a hard thing to talk about and to teach about at schools. We all say that homophobia is a bad thing, then why is it so hard to act and change something. I already have talked about how we still aren’t there on this blog (link), and what happened in Arnhem shows it.


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