Thinking about the ‘impossible’

One thing this world always tries to ‘teach’ us is to dream, to fight for your goals and to have things you wanna reach but at the same time they want us to fit in. To make sure you follow the status quo and don’t stand out too much. And as I was listening to a song (Black & White by Todrick Hall) I heard this one lyric “Think, the impossible, as long as it’s in black and white” and it honestly just got me thinking. Cause I don’t think there are only black and whites. I really believe in the spectrums of grey and trying to find the colour in your life.

Let me explain the shades of grey (Yes, pun intended) first. As I said in an earlier post I think the stories are told by the victor and one of the consequences of this is that the winning side is made more perfect and the losing one evil. But there is no pure good or pure evil. There is always some explanation, reason or part that’s different, less bad. And no I’m not saying that those things can excuse the bad parts, but I do think they should be remembered. And by only looking at the black and white parts you’re ignoring them.

And if you go back to the dreaming part, I think we’re sometimes held back by expectations by society. Because we have to act normal, just get a job in the office and have our perfect little family. And if you want to do something else you can (sometimes) be supported but a lot of people will be sceptical and not believe in you. And I can sort of understand that, because a lot of people will still end up in one of those ‘normal’ jobs but I think we have to allow ourselves the chance to dream and to try to accomplish things even if they might seem ‘impossible’. Because yes, you won’t always succeed, but if you really love something you have to be able to step out of the crowd and accomplish the thing you really love.

We don’t have forever, you never know when your last month, week or day will be and I believe we should try to make sure we do things we want to, no matter what people might say our think. Try to believe in yourself, and fight for it. Because in the end, we can do much more than both we and other people think we’re capable of.


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