Thinking about

As some of you might have noticed in my previous post, I kind of think a lot. I think about all kinds of different things. The topics that float around in my brain can go from world politics to everyday problems in life, but I still think about them. And I do like this about myself. I appreciate people who look further than what’s on the surface, people who are interested in politics, nature and just what’s going on in the world in general.

I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m studying journalism and maybe even one of the reasons I started writing in the first place. I want to get people to think, and to expect intelligent conversation from themselves and even from the other people around them. And don’t get me wrong, I like talking about boys, clothes and other ‘superficial’ things just as much as the next person, but sometimes, I really want to have to think and maybe even do research to discuss certain topics.

Just take the American elections as an example. I read a lot about them and what the different parties had to offer and what they were saying. Once I even read the entire presidential debate and when I told this to one of my friends she reacted with the exact words “but why? Are you crazy?”. And I honestly don’t think I am. Sure it may be a bit extensive to read the entire debate from a country I don’t even live in, but I think concerning yourself with what’s going on in the world isn’t something that should be refered to as crazy. I think it’s good, and in some ways, maybe even required.

Cause we’re all living in this world together. And right now, things could (to some people, including me) be considered quite bad. The environment is struggling, there are problems with refugees and populism is growing in some countries. And not enough people think about this. But don’t we have to? Because this is our world, and we have to take care of it, the people, the animals and the nature on it. And right now, I do think we could do more.

So yeah, as I said, I think a lot. And while I’m only 18 right now, and some people may think I’m a bit young to do this, I think I have to. Because a while ago I had the opportunity to vote for the first time, and I really tried to research what the different parties stood for and which of those fitted my ideals. And I’m not sure everybody does that, and no matter what other people might think about me saying this, I do think everybody has to. We have a responsibly to think, a responsibility to the world, to other people and mostly, to ourselves.


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