I am still here after 11100 words

I have now written 37 blog post, every blog post is about 300 words so that makes for about 11100 words; I played around 37 times my writing playlist on Spotify which always starts with “We bought A zoo” by Jónsi.
Kike and I write mostly about personal stuff and about our own experiences but doing that every week is not always as easy.

This blog for me is something very personal and that is why I love writing for it. When you look trough the history of my posts you can very clearly see what I was feeling at the time, if I was happy or not. Making this blog personal was also something that a lot scared me at the beginning and still does. I am not the most open person; I don’t just tell everybody how I feel and what I care about, but that is exactly what I am doing here. I am just telling everyone how I feel and what bothers me, just to strangers on the internet. Maybe the stranger parts make it better, I will probably never meet anyone that reads this post.

When Kike and I started this blog, I didn’t think anybody would want to read the things I would write about. Who would want to read just some nineteen-year-olds thoughts, hopes and dreams? I still think that. Always when I read something I am about to post, think it is messy, it wouldn’t make sense to anybody else than I and it is the way to personal. Even though despite all that, people still read the things I post and the most personal post are the also the post that does best.

After the Reveal is not a successful blog, far from it, but it is still something I care about deeply. Every time I post something, I will check all day how many people have read it and how many peoples have liked it. The first time someone actually commented on our blog Kike and I went crazy and still, when somebody comments on something we post, we send each other a message how happy we are that somebody did that.

Starting After the Reveal was something I was really scared to do, but when I look back at it am I so happy I did. I love writing for it and I love that people actually like to read it. Sometimes it is those little things we really want to do but are too scared to do, the things we can really be proud of. I am proud of this blog, something Kike and I created and slowly see growing.


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